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The Many Uses of Cocoa

When we think about cocoa, what are the first things that come to mind? For most people, it’s chocolate and the deliciously, addictive food that everyone loves (except dogs). Despite the popularity of chocolate, there are many more uses for cocoa than you might expect. Within the following article, we are going to help you to better understand what types of products you can find using cocoa and their benefits.

Most of the time, people who are using cocoa don’t even realize that they are not using the entire plant. As you will see, there is a lot more than meets the eye with a cocoa product.

#1. Cocoa powder – when you consume a piece of chocolate, it might taste good, but that is usually a result of the sugar content. Even dark chocolate has some sugar, but that isn’t the case with cocoa powder. A cocoa powder product is going to be bitter, but it can be a boon even if it isn’t the best taste you’ve ever experienced. The bitter flavor means you get a lot more cocoa with all the antioxidants and bioflavanoids that come with it.

For many people who are using cocoa powder, it makes a lot of sense to enjoy the buzz from the caffeine as well. There are plenty of stimulating chemicals in cocoa powder and you can take advantage of them all.

#2. Cocoa butter – If you find a cocoa butter (also known as cacao butter) product, you might be surprised by the texture. This is the fatty part of the cocoa and it is used in chocolate in addition to skincare products. Many lotions and other skincare products use cocoa butter because it has many benefits for healthy skin.

The best part is, cacao butter is a product that you can use in many of your favorite recipes. There are a whole list of awesome ways to add cocoa butter to your favorite foods.

#3. Cocoa nibs – the nibs might seem like a waste product as they’re the shell of the cocoa beans, but the nibs are a great snack. In fact, when the cocoa nibs are roasted, you’ll notice that many of the benefits remain even though these are very affordable to buy.

Most people who like cocoa love the nibs and it is an excellent way for you to get started with enhancing your health. Most importantly, it helps to make sure none of the cocoa plant is wasted!

Head to Head: Two Popular Nootropics Face Off

When it comes to nootropics and improving brain health, there are plenty of options but not many that are considered “popular” or “go to”. Most people who are trying to enhance their cognitive abilities start off in a certain place that has some scientific basis and a better track record of success. Whenever you are thinking about using one of these nootropics, it seems like a good idea to find an alternative when you can.

One of the popular ways that you can increase your cognitive performance when possible is to compare the different drugs in a head to head comparison. These comparisons can help you to determine which one is useful for you and how you can achieve your goals more easily. Even though there are plenty of people who would consider this to be a waste of time, find out how we made it worthwhile.

This article is going to share with you all of the tips and tricks to compare and specifically how we can compare drugs like Alpha Brain and piracetam, which are considered some of the more successful and often sought after nootropics and smart drugs.

Alpha Brain Benefits and Risks

The good thing about Alpha Brain is that it doesn’t have a lot of risks according to the anecdotal evidence. More importantly, there are some studies on the individual ingredients which show it isn’t something that is highly unsafe either. If you are trying to improve your cognitive performance and enhance general cognition, this might be a good place to start for you. Most people who start here find that they have some success because it is better than the basic routine they have for their diet.

If you are trying to enhance your cognitive performance with the help of alpha Brain, it is a good idea to look for all of the avenues and outlets. Most people who use Alpha Brain have a positive experience, but look online to see more reviews. The vast majority find Alpha Brain benefits to be powerful and there aren’t many side effects of Alpha Brain. Almost every alpha Brain review seems highly positive and beneficial for the person who has tried it.

There are some risks as well, but they are not huge. For example, people who use Alpha Brain aren’t going to know specifically what they can expect without huge large-scale studies. Those studies just do not exist yet and there are plenty of people who will never have them performed for fear of failure. If you are trying to improve the quality of your experience, it is a good idea to utilize this if you have some money. It is a bit expensive to buy Alpha Brain so just keep that in mind.

Piracetam – Why the Weird Name?

The other popular nootropic drug is called piracetam. This is part of the racetam class and there are plenty of benefits. Piracetam nootropic effects are quite strong and many people enjoy using this in order to improve learning ability and memory formation.

The vast majority of people who use piracetam to improve memory find that the majority of their efforts provide a lot of the advantages that they see throughout. If you are trying to improve the quality of memory formation and learning, piracetam is a good drug for you to use. It is more popular than most of the drugs out there and it has a lot of evidence to suggest it will work wonders as well. Just keep this in mind whenever you are utilizing smart drugs like piracetam in order to improve your brain function. This will have the strongest effect.

Noopept as a Stimulant Nootropic

Most people who are in the world of nootropics and smart drugs think of the process in terms of how they can get improved brain health and concentration. When people are focused on these tasks, it helps open up a realm of possibilities. For many people who utilize the nootropic called noopept, it is an interesting drug that comes with many different realities.

For one, it is possible to utilize noopept as more than just a memory enhancing drug. As you are going to find out in the article below, there are many benefits of noopept that you can take advantage of and help to incorporate into your daily routine. The vast majority of people who are improving themselves will find this quite interesting.

Noopept as an Adderall Alternative

There are many drugs that can be used in place of others. Many of these substitutes are herbal remedies used in place of some type of pharmaceutical drug that causes detrimental health. The majority of people who are using adderall find that it is a great compound for enhancing their cognitive function, but it isn’t something that they necessarily want to be taking in the long term. This is one of the reasons why so many people seek outside alternatives.

One of the best adderall substitutes is noopept for a variety of reasons. For one, it is a drug that is considered to be 1000 times stronger (or more potent) than piracetam for improving memory formation. This makes it a useful tool that can really help to enhance cognitive performance and function, while also acting as an adderall alternative. This substitute for the adderall drug can help to get millions of people off of this dangerous amphetamine.

Of course, the only way this is going to work is if people genuinely want to stop taking the drug. Many people are addicted to adderall because it is an amphetamine that can improve mood, feelings of euphoria, and it is also very addicting. The majority of people who are utilizing the different drugs find that they are unable to really get through the right process without looking into noopept or other drugs like modafinil (provigil).

How to Pass Tests Without Adderall

A lot of people who are trying to ace their exams in college find that they might not be able to do so without adderall. This is a really false belief that doesn’t serve anyone. If you are thinking that you need this amphetamine drug in order to function, there is a good chance that you are going to have a lot of concerns looking forward. Instead you should look at your habits.

How many of your daily habits are actually related to poor test taking or anxiety ? You should try to make sure that you are preventing yourself from having long-term problems if you are just able to keep a few of these things in mind:

  1. Meditation / mindfulness – a lot of people who are into meditation and mindfulness find that they can reduce their test taking anxiety and enhance their performance without the need to use drugs like adderall. The vast majority of people who do meditation don’t even know it can literally change the formation of your brain.
  2. Study thoroughly – the other no-brainer concept is to just make sure that you are studying enough in order to get the best kind of grades. You are going to recognize just how much more fun it is to enhance the cognitive abilities that you are struggling with. All of these are going to help you to improve your cognitive performance and have a much better experience in life.

3 New Ways to Reduce Anxiety

There are plenty of options when it comes to improving your level of anxiety. Most people who are trying to get rid of anxiety are stuck between the normal medical treatments of the west (such as xanax and prozac) or other alternatives that might not work as well. For most people, this can be a really difficult option and it is a lot of work for you to go through the whole process only to find you are still anxious and stressed. There are plenty of options so do not fret too much about this, however.

In this article we are going to talk about how you might be able to reduce your anxiety levels with the most important kind of support possible. Most people who are using these methods find them to be helpful and often quicker than you’d expect.

  1. Tianeptine – this is a drug that is well known for having a strong anti-anxiety effect. For those who are struggling from depression or anxiety, tianeptine can help. There are a host of tianeptine benefits for anxiety and all of them will be useful for you to get through stressful times unscathed. With the tianeptine that you can now find online, it is a much more useful alternative to some of the other drugs out there.
  2. Kava kava root – this is an all natural alternative that many people have been using the south Pacific ocean for a long time. The islands in this part of the world are able to utilize this drug as it is one of the best for the purposes of reducing anxiety and getting rid of some of the most problematic worries that people have.
  3. Bacopa monnieri – another option that people are utilizing in order to get rid of their cognitive problems is bacopa monnieri. Anxiety is one of the main things that is removed with the help of bacopa and this has a huge impact on the way that things progress.

4 Simple Steps to Stress Reduction in the Modern World

We don’t live in the same way that we used to. It wasn’t hard in our past to disassociate ourselves from work, get away from all the negativity in society, and focus on time to ourselves and loved ones. Today it is very difficult to do this because of social media, technology, and the desire to have a false sense of connection at all times. Strangely enough, this all leads to stress that you and I might not even realize!

The way to move beyond this in the modern world is simple, though it might not be easy. It will require some work for you to reduce your levels of stress. Here are 4 different ways that you can do this for yourself.

  1. Treat yourself – sometimes it might feel like the stress is overwhelming. We’ll provide a few options for you in the moment to get rid of that stress, but it is also useful to drop everything and treat yourself. Some people use a home treatment spa in order to get a spa level treatment that isn’t too expensive. It is a real treat to have this experience and yet it isn’t a huge financial burden.
  2. 10 deep breaths – once you are feeling the stress of the day, just take a step back and close your eyes. It isn’t really meditation, it is just slowing down! Take 10 deep breaths and see how you feel afterwards. More than likely, this is the best way for you to feel better in the quickest way possible.
  3. Nootropics – there are plenty of nootropic products that you can use to reduce your anxiety or stress. The vast majority of people who are using this method will realize that it isn’t sustainable, but it is a great way to improve your cognitive performance in the short term.
  4. Green tea – there are a few natural drinks that you can use in order to reduce your stress levels. One of them is green tea, which has L-theanine and a bunch of other compounds that can help you reduce stress. Other options include lemon balm, and kava tea, which are all useful ways to relax with a natural drink.

Are Unique Nootropic Stacks Like OptiMind Worth It?

Nootropics are not only popular from consumers these days, but also with business owners and entrepreneurs. Anything that can make a lot of money is going to get a lot of attention and with the products we find on the market, it is no wonder these businesses are making money. Many of the products are filled with poor quality ingredients or they just increase the price by hundreds of percent. Interestingly enough, one review of OptiMind showed that the drug was actually only a few cents more per serving than buying all the ingredients yourself.

This is one of the major changes in the industry which is a result of the fact that there are so many competitors these days. In order to stand out, these businesses not only need good products and marketing, but also more affordable products. This is the route that the OptiMind brand decided to go when they created their main flagship product. It is not the greatest quality of product, but it does come with a free trial and it seems safe so it is worth trying out for that reason.

Unique Nootropic Stacks

Sometimes there are other unique stacks that are more simple, to the point, but effective. For example, one stack combines CDP choline and alpha GPC, which are supposed to be the best two for giving your brain choline. The company that created this blend uses it specifically for people who are already taking nootropics like piracetam and aniracetam, but it is a useful tool to have the two ingredients in a single product.

The vast majority of people who are making changes in their lives are finding supplementation of some sort to help that process. If you are not doing this, then you are missing out on scientific revolutions for your body. The vast majority of people taking these kinds of drugs are going to be better off in the long run even if they cannot feel it now.

Unique blends are full of the positive ingredients that you need and if you become more knowledgeable and adept at researching, you can do even more to protect yourself and your family.

4 Reasons to Eat More Mushrooms

For most diets in America, common vegetables include broccoli and brussel sprouts with the occasional carrot. While there are a large number of native vegetables in the Americas, mushrooms are less commonly consumed; or at the very least there is less of a stereotype about consuming them here. In any case, eating mushrooms is a healthy part of any diet and most people could go with eating more of them.musrooms

There are many different reasons to start eating more mushrooms if you do not already. Here are 4 of the main ones:

  1. Mushrooms are unique – as a fungus, mushrooms are filled with unique minerals and vitamins you may not find in other vegetables (at least not in the same quantities). This means that you’ll get a wide variety of great nutrition from mushrooms where you otherwise might not.
  2. Mushrooms are immune boosters – although your average mushroom might not be an immune booster, you can eat reish or chaga mushroom and see some tremendous benefits from these things. Most of the time, the immune boosting properties of mushrooms are the best natural resources you are going to find.
  3. Mushrooms are flavor enhancers – pretty much any flavor you add, mushrooms will give it enhancement. You might find that there are a lot of different flavors that go well with mushrooms and that’s because it has a neutral but positive flavor profile.
  4. They taste great – of course, the final reason to eat mushrooms is because they are delicious. Whether you eat them by themselves off the grill or just saute them for a short while, you’ll quickly find how awesome of a food they really are. Cook them with just about any meat and you’ll find they balance them out very well.

Nootropics for Advanced Players

Nootropics are very common and if you are drinking a coffee at any point, you are a beginner in the smart drug world. Congratulations on taking the adequate steps to improve your brain health and hopefully have a much better perspective on things when you work. The advanced people, however, sometimes want to go beyond the coffee and caffeine options in order to get the best results for their cognitive abilities.

One way that advanced players could really make a difference is to look for the more advanced nootropics that might be a little more experimental, but still can help to improve health in a safe and effective way. Here are some of the beginner nootropics that you can try:

  1. Advanced PlayersPhenylpiracetam – banned by the Olympic committee because it is so highly stimulating for the brain and body, this racetam family drug is a potent memory enhancer and stimulant. You’ll find that it is a great tool for getting high quality work done and improving your concentration without the crash of the caffeine or Adderall. You’ll also find that it builds tolerance so take it sparingly.
  2. Phenibut – there are plenty of people who swear by phenibut, but only for short periods of time. There are some stories about getting addicted and finding it hard to cycle off the drug. Definitely keep this in mind when you are testing out the nootropics for advanced players.
  3. Modafinil – this is one of the most popular advanced drugs that you’ll find. It is a prescription, but it is not as bad as if you were to use Adderall. That is really one of the most harmful drugs that you can use for improving your brain as it leaves you addicted and having a hard time doing work otherwise. Modafinil, on the other hand, is just a longer term pick me up.


Are Chips Ever Health Foods?

When someone who is considered health conscious makes a joke about unhealthy individuals, usually they conjure an image of a “couch potato”. This typically means someone who sits on the couch and eats potato chips, which is considered unhealthy and bad practice. While eating too much of anything is definitely a bad thing, is it possible for chips to be considered healthy in any circumstance?

chipsBelieve it or not, the answer is yes, but as usual it has an important caveat. The chips must be consumed in moderation to be considered a health food! If you are consuming chips of any kind, you might find yourself having health problems, but there are a few situations where you might find healthy chips.

Sweet potato chips can be an alternative that are useful for health conscious individuals. These chips are made with sweet potatoes, that often have a lot more nutrients than regular potatoes. The only problem with this is that they are usually cooked in fats and oils that are not at all healthy. The vegetable and canola oils are not good for anyone’s health! However, there are alternatives that use coconut oil in order to make the chips.

Some other options include avocado oil, but both this and coconut oil can get expensive. Even then, the oil is healthy but it is still high in calories (and not much protein). It is easy to finish an entire bag of chips even though they are healthy – that’s a lot of calories! In general, it is best practice to find some high quality chips (we suggest coconut oil and sweet potatoes), but make sure you eat only a few of them at a time.

There are alternatives, such as corn tortilla chips, but they can also be filled with unhealthy oils as well. Just make sure to read an ingredient deck and stay within moderation so that you can avoid any long term damage to your body.