8 Balance Exercise Examples for Better Stability as You Age

Regardless of age or athletic ambitions, proper stability is essential to any fitness journey. Maintaining balance throughout your life should be a key goal for your overall health, much as eating correctly for heart health and developing flexibility.

With the appropriate training, improving your balance is simple. In reality, there are a variety of basic balancing exercises that you can practise at home, many of which take only five minutes or less. Stepping up your stability levels isn’t difficult, from brushing your teeth on one foot to integrating certain isometrics into your everyday training regimen.

If you’re feeling a bit unsteady on your feet, try these eight trainer-approved balancing exercises at home, with no need for a tightrope.

8 balance exercise examples to improve stability

1. Balance while brushing your teeth

While brushing your teeth, you may easily improve your balance. Standing on one leg for your two-minute dental hygiene routine, according to physical therapist Lara Heimann, PT, can help you improve your balance and strength while brushing. Are there any other good times to practise? Zoom calls are just as effective as washing the dishes while standing at the sink.

2. Yoga for balance

Traci Copeland, a Nike master trainer, will lead you through a 20-minute yoga sequence to test your stability. In less than a half-hour, flow with Copeland and complete all of the basic yoga poses that will put your balance and breathing to the test.

3.  Lunges for stability

Lunges may assist with agility and balance, didn’t you know? “Sometimes someone may bump into you or you’ll walk off a curb, and you’ll have to rapidly restore your balance,” Sabrena Jo, MS, a personal trainer, told Well+Good previously. “This necessitates ‘gait training,’ which entails recovering your balance while performing locomotive tasks.” Squats, aerobics, and just stepping side-to-side are all excellent exercises.

4. Core workout for stability

A strong core is, well, core when it comes to balancing. This core stability training, guided by track athlete turned personal trainer Ashley Joi, will strengthen your abs and obliques in only six minutes. You’ll feel the heat as you complete a circuit of challenging movements, such as alternate crunches, side planks, and leg lifts—all of which are essential for improving balance.

5. The BEEP program for balance

BEEP (balance-enhancing exercise programme) is a study-backed way to enhance your balance, according to Harvard Health. People who followed it had greater balance, a faster walking pace, and more confidence, according to a 2016 research published in Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine. Although the training is geared at those aged 60 to 80, it’s best to work on your balance now than than later.

6. Rebounder balance exercises

With this 10-minute complete body workout, you’ll give your entire body a balance-loving boost. This sweat sesh, led by Colette Dong, creator of the Ness, employs a rebounder to improve muscles in the upper body, lower body, and core. It’s also great for cardio, helping you to improve your heart health while maintaining your balance.

7. Skater lunges for balance

Skater lunges are well-known for their ability to enhance balance, mobility, and flexibility, making them a virtual triple threat in the gym. If you’re unfamiliar with the technique, it’s similar to speed skating in that it requires you to hop from side to side while pushing into a lunge. Because it engages many muscles at once, the motion has a significant influence on your entire athletic performance, including balance.

8. Running workout for stability

This workout is meant for runners, but it can be done by anybody who wants to improve their stability. It includes lower-body-focused movements led by Traci Copeland that are meant to develop the muscles you need to run faster, stronger, and with greater balance.


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