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4 Reasons to Eat More Mushrooms

For most diets in America, common vegetables include broccoli and brussel sprouts with the occasional carrot. While there are a large number of native vegetables in the Americas, mushrooms are less commonly consumed; or at the very least there is less of a stereotype about consuming them here. In any case, eating mushrooms is a healthy part of any diet and most people could go with eating more of them.musrooms

There are many different reasons to start eating more mushrooms if you do not already. Here are 4 of the main ones:

  1. Mushrooms are unique – as a fungus, mushrooms are filled with unique minerals and vitamins you may not find in other vegetables (at least not in the same quantities). This means that you’ll get a wide variety of great nutrition from mushrooms where you otherwise might not.
  2. Mushrooms are immune boosters – although your average mushroom might not be an immune booster, you can eat reish or chaga mushroom and see some tremendous benefits from these things. Most of the time, the immune boosting properties of mushrooms are the best natural resources you are going to find.
  3. Mushrooms are flavor enhancers – pretty much any flavor you add, mushrooms will give it enhancement. You might find that there are a lot of different flavors that go well with mushrooms and that’s because it has a neutral but positive flavor profile.
  4. They taste great – of course, the final reason to eat mushrooms is because they are delicious. Whether you eat them by themselves off the grill or just saute them for a short while, you’ll quickly find how awesome of a food they really are. Cook them with just about any meat and you’ll find they balance them out very well.

Nootropics for Advanced Players

Nootropics are very common and if you are drinking a coffee at any point, you are a beginner in the smart drug world. Congratulations on taking the adequate steps to improve your brain health and hopefully have a much better perspective on things when you work. The advanced people, however, sometimes want to go beyond the coffee and caffeine options in order to get the best results for their cognitive abilities.

One way that advanced players could really make a difference is to look for the more advanced nootropics that might be a little more experimental, but still can help to improve health in a safe and effective way. Here are some of the beginner nootropics that you can try:

  1. Advanced PlayersPhenylpiracetam – banned by the Olympic committee because it is so highly stimulating for the brain and body, this racetam family drug is a potent memory enhancer and stimulant. You’ll find that it is a great tool for getting high quality work done and improving your concentration without the crash of the caffeine or Adderall. You’ll also find that it builds tolerance so take it sparingly.
  2. Phenibut – there are plenty of people who swear by phenibut, but only for short periods of time. There are some stories about getting addicted and finding it hard to cycle off the drug. Definitely keep this in mind when you are testing out the nootropics for advanced players.
  3. Modafinil – this is one of the most popular advanced drugs that you’ll find. It is a prescription, but it is not as bad as if you were to use Adderall. That is really one of the most harmful drugs that you can use for improving your brain as it leaves you addicted and having a hard time doing work otherwise. Modafinil, on the other hand, is just a longer term pick me up.


Are Chips Ever Health Foods?

When someone who is considered health conscious makes a joke about unhealthy individuals, usually they conjure an image of a “couch potato”. This typically means someone who sits on the couch and eats potato chips, which is considered unhealthy and bad practice. While eating too much of anything is definitely a bad thing, is it possible for chips to be considered healthy in any circumstance?

chipsBelieve it or not, the answer is yes, but as usual it has an important caveat. The chips must be consumed in moderation to be considered a health food! If you are consuming chips of any kind, you might find yourself having health problems, but there are a few situations where you might find healthy chips.

Sweet potato chips can be an alternative that are useful for health conscious individuals. These chips are made with sweet potatoes, that often have a lot more nutrients than regular potatoes. The only problem with this is that they are usually cooked in fats and oils that are not at all healthy. The vegetable and canola oils are not good for anyone’s health! However, there are alternatives that use coconut oil in order to make the chips.

Some other options include avocado oil, but both this and coconut oil can get expensive. Even then, the oil is healthy but it is still high in calories (and not much protein). It is easy to finish an entire bag of chips even though they are healthy – that’s a lot of calories! In general, it is best practice to find some high quality chips (we suggest coconut oil and sweet potatoes), but make sure you eat only a few of them at a time.

There are alternatives, such as corn tortilla chips, but they can also be filled with unhealthy oils as well. Just make sure to read an ingredient deck and stay within moderation so that you can avoid any long term damage to your body.