4 Simple Steps to Stress Reduction in the Modern World

We don’t live in the same way that we used to. It wasn’t hard in our past to disassociate ourselves from work, get away from all the negativity in society, and focus on time to ourselves and loved ones. Today it is very difficult to do this because of social media, technology, and the desire to have a false sense of connection at all times. Strangely enough, this all leads to stress that you and I might not even realize!

The way to move beyond this in the modern world is simple, though it might not be easy. It will require some work for you to reduce your levels of stress. Here are 4 different ways that you can do this for yourself.

  1. Treat yourself – sometimes it might feel like the stress is overwhelming. We’ll provide a few options for you in the moment to get rid of that stress, but it is also useful to drop everything and treat yourself. Some people use a home treatment spa in order to get a spa level treatment that isn’t too expensive. It is a real treat to have this experience and yet it isn’t a huge financial burden.
  2. 10 deep breaths – once you are feeling the stress of the day, just take a step back and close your eyes. It isn’t really meditation, it is just slowing down! Take 10 deep breaths and see how you feel afterwards. More than likely, this is the best way for you to feel better in the quickest way possible.
  3. Nootropics – there are plenty of nootropic products that you can use to reduce your anxiety or stress. The vast majority of people who are using this method will realize that it isn’t sustainable, but it is a great way to improve your cognitive performance in the short term.
  4. Green tea – there are a few natural drinks that you can use in order to reduce your stress levels. One of them is green tea, which has L-theanine and a bunch of other compounds that can help you reduce stress. Other options include lemon balm, and kava tea, which are all useful ways to relax with a natural drink.

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